PMD: Team Awai
So here's the plan by mystic-blat
September 10th, 2016, 8:49 pm
I see that within the first week of starting up the Smackjeeves version of the comic, we already have a few fans! Hello and welcome! :D

For those who are unaware, Team Awai was started several years ago, and during that time was uploaded onto deviantart. At the time of writing this news post, there are about 37 pages up over there. So, what\'s probably going to happen is that I\'ll be steadily uploading pages here on Smackjeeves until it\'s all caught up to the amount on deviantart. Once we\'re all caught up here, new pages will probably be uploaded around the same time on both sites.

I\'m thinking of posting one or two pages here each week until everything is all caught up. After that, updates will be less frequent because, hey, making comics takes time.

Also, we\'ve got that banner up at the top of the site and working custom buttons thanks to Spacey-Turtlez\'s coding. Thanks, Spacey! :D ...because I have no idea how to edit this stuff, haha.

So that\'s what I have to say for now. Thanks for visiting! :)

Work in Progress by Spacey-Turtlez
September 5th, 2016, 2:31 am

Just wanted to let everyone know that the site itself is still under some construction, meaning that things are gonna randomly change. Like... A lot. So bear with me as I scream at HTML to work with me!